About us

A globally acclaimed and certified food brand, Mewabasket GmbH and Mewabasket s.r.o. Established in 2022, Mewa Basket aims to provide people with wholesome and Indian ayurvedic food products from farmers and our global channel partners. We have European distribution hubs in Germany and the Czech Republic. We offer a plethora of pure and organically grown spices, herbs, grains, cereals, flours, and much more. The practices at Mewa Basket are compatible with the principles and perspectives of organic agriculture, especially for small-scale and marginal farmers. Growing organic food leads to a reduction in our carbon footprint and aids in maintaining the quality of the ecosystem.

Our grown spices, herbs, grains, flours, and others comply with “Indian Ayurvedic” standards only.

Our primary focus is on ‘Mool Siddhant’ of Ayurveda.

Mewa Basket has embarked upon a journey towards creating a sustainable planet and giving everyone the quality of life they deserve.